Computer scientist, Nature Lover, Startup CTO, Lifelong Learner.

Hi, I'm Ladan.

I'm currently the CTO of Waveshaper AI, a startup funded by TandemLaunch, creating technology to do real-time audio processing using AI.

This is my personal website and blog.


I am currently the Chief Technology Officer of Waveshaper AI.

Waveshaper AI creates and trains neutral networks that process raw samples of audio to create various effects in a manner traditionally done using analog hardware circuits and software DSP algorithms.

Waveshaper AI technology does this in real-time, at CD quality and higher sample rates.

I implemented the initial audio processing engine in pure C++ on Intel and ARM architectures running Windows, Linux, and OS X, and oversee the model training and evaluation operations, as well as R&D for new architectures.

Contact me

I can be reached at Waveshaper AI.

I write about things that are interesting to me on my blog.